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Chapter Officers

President & Membership: Bobbi Treen

561.eight one eight.4269   

Vice President – Operations: Mark Forbes

305.two zero five.2186      

Vice-President – Social Events/Webmaster: Jon van Woerden

954.eight three zero.9538 

Vice President – Driving Events: Rennie Bryant eight three.7003

Secretary: Wendy van Woerden

954.five six two.6585          

Treasurer: Marie Lee-Forbes

305.five eight eight.5410    

The FLasher Editor: Michael J Posner

561.six three two.0462        

Membership Contact: Michael Willette

561.two four eight.9168      

4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Vincent Vento says:

    I am a happy Z8 owner, in fact I now have two Z8s, my newest one was not properly taken care of and it’s been a project, that led me to joining the BMW owners Club. As of yet I am still getting the best prices from a BMW dealer in Atlanta or one in California but I thought the Club would help on that, I am writing you for several reasons. First all contacts or recommendations for buying parts wholesale [I own a Auto leasing Co that would buy parts], second if you are aware of any shops that handle Z8s in Miami, I desperately need those numbers. Finally I was told that there are groups that have Z8 events and that is of interest to me if you can point me in the right direction.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Rick Kollmeyer says:

    Hi folks, I am a member of the Northeast BMW club and look forward to connecting with you at an event this winter.
    Was wondering if anyone knew of someone (not BMW dealer) who works on the E63 (2005 645 ci) convertible tops down here. I’ve spent years doing work arounds to keep the top going up and down. This time I’m stumped – for the first time the top was down and wouldn’t go up. I put it up manually, but now the trunk won’t latch, and none of my old tricks work on getting the top to go down.
    Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction and I look forward to meeting.

  3. Rob Kassab says:

    In looking at the Events Calendar beyond February, 2016, I noticed that there are no events posted. Is that correct?

  4. admin says:

    Rob, We are updating this week.


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